U N I C O R N S - A R E - L O V E L Y

Unicorns are lovely, Those one-horned beasts of charm; Sometimes pink and fluffy, Tails shoot rainbows that disarm... Their hooves are made of crystal, Coats smooth with velvet hearts And when given little tickles, They sneeze glitter clumps like stars! Some people think it's unwise, To give them so much credit; But surely it's just natural So I too can then inherit; Their enigmatic power, Illusive myth of being... The thing about these unicorns - They open worlds of dreaming! For we perceive, and just in part The things we know and feel, But perhaps security lies deeper, beyond the tangibly real... So this is why they are special, Contain a sweet old truth - Unicorns are lovely; Cute sages from our youth.

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