R A P I D - G R O W T H

Sometimes life throws you, out of the boat It's cold, and it's frantic Not the story you wrote The Rapids are vicious, unrelenting and fast Ducking you under Little space for a gasp And the speed which your carried, Throws questions to air Structures holding you under Blocks vision and snares But in these threshold moments, In which none can foresee A clarity forms If one chooses belief To accept the causality of the human condition A fragile yet quiet, Determined conviction That we're carried by something much larger than us A flow from a different source Connected freely; to trust In that place we join, a wide open plane A network of rivers Meandering veins And eventually they, all lead to the ocean In deep hydraulic action Ancient cycle in motion Therein there's vast peace, and stillness to be The end is the beginning It all joins to the sea